Jacob's Dr. Seuss Party Bags & Cupcakes

"Today was great! Today was fun, Thank you, Thank You Everyone!"

- Dr. Seuss

Party Favor Tags

It's so easy to add a personalized touch to anything. Just add their name! Even the date of the event. Easier said than done, but easily done.

Party Favor Bags

These are sooooo cute and simple. All I did was a print then cut method off my Cricut Explore Air. I just had to download a few images of Dr. Seuss and his friends and transfer it to a cutting image and pasted on assorted colorful bags. I could have printed them on vinyl, but I was thinking cost efficient. Added some tissue paper, and viola!

Cupcake Decoration

Normally I'd do cupcake toppers, but this was somewhat requested from Anne. Though I was really missing the cupcake topper (cotton candy as Thing 1 & 2's hair), I had to make something work and something last. If I had gone with the cotton candy, as soon as the cotton candy would have touched the frosting, it would have started melting. But how on point is that frosting color? I had to make sure that wasn't melting too, since it was cream cheese frosting. Living in Las Vegas, my advice, keep the car running.

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