Shine Bright Like a Diamond Dessert Bar & Favors

First it started with Crystals and Diamonds then soon evolved to a brighter theme, "Shine Bright Like a Diamond". And I loved it! For the past couple years, I believe, I have been helping May set up something for her kids birthday parties. She calls me her "cake girl", only because that's what I used to only do. I tell her now, it's strictly cupcakes. She understands. I find it easier in a way to just mix, pour, bake, cool then frost and top. Try repeating that three times, only because I did. I baked 3 separate batches today (a dozen and some extra at a time), only because I was scared to double, yet alone triple the recipe all at once. I needed at least 36 cupcakes.

Confession: It was a new recipe.

Party Favors

What better favor to give at a Diamond party, RING POPS! I took them out of their packaging and wrapped them with saran wrap, it looked prettier that way. These tags were printed on, cut on, glued on and drawn on. The tricky part was cutting the string to secure the tag and retying with not much string to work with.

BLACK LIGHT makes everything look cool .

This was held at Crystal Palace on Rancho in Las Vegas. May was actually able to book the whole skate center, so we had it to ourselves (after their business hours). The only thing about that, which didn't go my way, there's a specific time to where we are able to go in and a time we have to be out by. I actually tried to get in an hour and a half before it started to get set up, but that was a fail. So the minute I was allowed to get in, it was crunch time. I had thirty minutes to set up before everything started. Big thanks to my little brother, David and his girlfriend, Dana for helping me set up.

Backfire on the Confession: I lost about 6 cupcakes!

Yup, I lost some cupcakes on this journey. Thank goodness there was more than enough to go on the display. I was able to bake and decorate, no problem. Load, transport and deliver, no problem. Of course, as soon as I need them and transfer them from table to table by sliding the container, it tips over a bit, just enough to lose "about 6 cupcakes". How embarrassing.


  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting baked by Xti. Topped with a light blue acrylic diamond sprinkled with silver sugar crystals (bling).

  • Baby blue candy dipped pretzel rods sprinkled with more bling.

  • Store bought cookies graham cookies with icing.

  • White powdered donuts ... that never made it on the table (due to someone who insisted they would buy them and then forgot them). Sorry May, I just decided to put you on blast, felt it went perfect with my explanation. These were actually supposed to be topped off with a cut out diamond similar to the ones on the party favors.

  • Signs: "DO NOT Eat Diamonds, Not Edible" & "You're a Real Gem, Take One to Shine"

  • Happy Birthday Garland using the same diamond template that was used on the party favors.

  • Geometric shapes for a bit of 3D decoration.

I just love this photo above! Thanks Tasha for holding up the frame so perfectly.

So I basically came out with this one myself. Why only decorate one side? I was able to get creative two ways all at once. I had extra cardstock and time, surprisingly, and a few couple ideas from the little brother. And it turned out better than I thought, don't you just love that feeling?

Happy 9th Birthday


May all your wishes come true.

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