Bow Ties & Mustaches - Em & Ray's little man is on his way!

It's a Boy!

IT'S A BABY SHOWER! One of my favorite events to plan. From decorations and games. It's a wonderful feeling when you see the parents-to-be excited and appreciative on what was put together for them.

I was super excited to hear when my friend told me that she needed help throwing a baby shower. This was a bit easier than others I have done. My friend wanted to take care of the diaper cake and party favors.

A friend of mine, Brittany, assisted with all the baby shower needs. From decorating and preparing the desserts and party favors, she also assisted me with the games. She was an incredible help to me because I felt like we were on the same page the whole way through. Great job Brit!

Straight to dessert ...


These cute yum yum goodness, were done by

my girl friend, Brittany.

She made something I never heard of,

"Puppy Chow"! The best way to describe it,

was like Churro Chex Mix.

The "Thank You" tags were attached to the bag by a ribbon that was

keeping the bag closed.


My usual go to cupcake for any event,

red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

One problem, Las Vegas gets too hot for anything to be sitting

in the car for a couple minutes, I'm scared my frosting will melt. But I seem

to manage, keeping it cold in the house and in the car.

Yes, I make them, from scratch.

Assorted cheesecake bites, assorted mini cookies and two types of

brownies were store bought for an easy stress free set up. They're already

packed up and ready to go for set up.

Game Time


Guess the type of chocolate (poopy) that is in the diaper. The one with the most correct WINS! If there's a tie, have them answer a questions about the mommy to be.


Grab five diapers and five name brand chocolates. You could do the quick version and grab chocolates that are easy to smash up in the diaper or you could make the "poopy" look more realistic by melting the chocolate. Make sure to have the diapers numbered,and don't forget to make your cheatsheet. You could have print outs ready and numbered 1 through 5 for guests to write their answers down.


Here's another guessing game. It could get a little messy with everyone opening and passing, closing and passing, again and again. Players have an option to open the jars to smell and taste to try and figure out the flavor of baby food. Be prepared to have a roll of paper towel handy.


Remove the original jar labels and replace with numbered labels, 1 through 5. And don't forget the cheat sheet. You could type out 1 through 5 again like the "poopy diaper" game. You could even use the same piece of paper. The ones with most correct, WINS!


In your invitations, inform guests to bring a bag or box of diapers for a chance to win in a raffle. Brittany found this already made mustache designed box along with mustache cards to write their names on. Towards the end of the Baby Shower, thinking everyone should have arrived, have someone pick out a name from the box and announce the WINNER!


I had extra cut outs of bows. And I though it would be cute to have guest write a special note to the baby and paste it on the board.

Congratulations to Em & Ray!

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