Mickey Smiles from Ear to Ear with Sweets & Favors

Grab your ears and say, "Cheers!".

"Mickey Mouse & Friends" Initials

I was lucky enough to find Cruz's initials in black to match with Mickey ears. Found them on sale at Michaels for $3 each. All I did was cut out two black cardstock circles to imitate Mickey's "ears", then glue the ears to the back of each letter. And... Viola! Mickey Letters. Print and cut out Mickey and Friends then glue on to each letter so that it wouldn't look so plain. Make sure they are big enough to see.


Guestbook that gets guests to interact. Just pick out any book to where guests could write a special message. I chose to stay in theme and bought a Birthday book of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse even though no one really went up to the table to sign it, it was easier to just grab a marker and the book and pass it around for the guests to sign.

Mickey in a Pail Centerpieces

I am finally realizing that a table for gifts is a MUST! Yes, a table! Especially for kids birthdays and baby showers.

Centerpieces were made for each table. I bought these red tin pails from Party City at 99 cents each. White buttons were glued on to the pails. Square styrofoam stuffed into the pail to hold picks. And amazing how stuffing tissue paper and placing crinkle paper on top could make these arrangements cute. Mickey's head was made out of 4" styrofoam spheres, and the ears were made out of 2" styrofoam spheres. The styrofoam needed to be spray painted black (2 coats), then sprayed with adhesive to sprinkle with black glitter. The black glitter will hide any imperfection that the black spray paint couldn't get. Crystal Clear Spray Paint was used last as a sealant for the glitter. Stick them with sticks and into the square styrofoam for a secure holding.

Mickey & Minnie Party Favors

These were small red paper bags that I purchased from Party City that came in pack of twelve. I had my Cricut cut out Mickey shaped heads to decorate the bags. For the boys I made Mickey Mouse bags. Added red bottoms to Mickeys' head and glued actual buttons and stuck them onto the bags. As for the Minnie Mouse bags, there were no red bottoms, but a polk-a-dot ribbon bow for the girls, that was glued on as well. The bow was cut out ribbon that was secured in the middle with small plain ribbon. As for what was inside... a whole lot of noise. Mishi had me purchase noise makers from Oriental Trading! LOL! It was more like a treat for the parents. I was able to put a couple in each bag, after purchasing a couple more extra packages from Dollar Tree.

I personally made the Thank You tags that were attached to the back of the bag with plain yellow ribbon that you would use for balloon string. If I placed it on the front, it would have been too many ears popping out in one place. When you untied the bag, you were able to see the note.

Birthday Garland

Hot Diggity Dog Bar Sign

Pluto, Mickey & Goofy Condiment Bottle Labels

Smash Cake with Cake Toppers &

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Personalized Cupcake Toppers

Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookie Pops

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Rods

Mickey & Minnie Ear Headbands

This Picture Says it All...

thank you!

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