Tribal Baby Shower Sweet Bar in Escondido

Treats for the Tribe

This was such an amazing road trip to Escondido in Northern San Diego. Thank you Shayla for giving me a reason to come out to this beautiful place to do your party table for your baby shower. We stayed at a Tiny House in Valley Center, that had spectacular breathtaking views from dusk till dawn.

>>>>>> Sweet Bar <<<<<<

Hunting Spears (fruit skewers)

Boomerangs ("The Purple Bag" cookies)

Pregnant Woman Cravings. I originally had the bagged chocolate pretzels going on this plate till Shayla showed up from the store with these amazing cookies. They seem to be a favorite from many. If you search for "The Purple Bag" Chocolate Chip Cookies, you'll be sure to find a store near you. Along side is the peanut butter flavor.

Sticks & Stones

(chocolate donut holes by Peterson's Donut Corner in Escondido)

If you know me, I LOVE DONUTS! This place has the best donuts I have ever had. With a huge variety they are also open 24 hours ... Vegas Style! For only $1.65 a dozen,

I felt like a winner.

Grab a stick and dip into melted chocolate and stick into donuts. The melted chocolate will act like a binding agent making sure your donut doesn't roll away when you pick it up. Make sure to stick your donuts when they are on a flat service and not rolling to it's side. It will help for a better presentation.

Firewood (Pepperridge Farms vanilla rolled wafer)

This was another last minute addition to the Sweet Bar from Shayla. When I saw it,

I knew exactly what to do with them. I was a bit excited. Place it next to

a teepee and called it "Firewood".

Tom Toms Drums (chocolate dipped marshmallows)

If these marshmallows look extra BIG, it's because they are. I never knew that they made them extra jumbo. This is what happens when you send your boyfriend to the store and ask him to buy a bag of the biggest marshmallows you could find. I couldn't help but laugh

when i opened the shopping bag. I thought it was just my eyes.

Again, dip your stick in white chocolate candy melt and stick it into a marshmallow so that it acts like a bind. Then Dip the Marshmallow into brown chocolate candy melt and let it sit on parchment paper to dry.

Cake & Cupcakes by Cute Cakes in Escondido

Cake Topper by Xti

Thumbprint Dreamcatcher Guestbook

This guestbook came out better than I thought. Only because everything I used for this project was bought from the dollar store, made with cardstock paper and how it looked beautiful. The web of the dreamcatcher is a place mat that was folded over to the other side of the canvas so that it was not taking over the purpose of the the guestbook. Twine was weaved in and out as a hoop frame. Cut out feathers were added to the twine to help imitate the fingerprints. Wooden beads were added for a more realistic look. And ink pads were left out during the event with directions.

Party Favors

(Blow Pop Lollipops & Drizzled Chocolate Bagged Pretzels)

Thank You tags by Xti

Faux Succulents by Las Vegas Design Studio

Congratulations Shayla & Sergio!

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