The Hotel Transylvania Sweet Bar

SPOOKY treats for the little MONSTERS!


Store bought Rice Krispie treats molded in to ghostly figures. Just add a candy eyeball or two, maybe even three. Spacing the eyeballs farther apart or closer gives the ghostly treats different



Found these witches pot at the dollar store

along with the orange and black straws that I

cut into thirds to imitate a cauldron spoon.

The pot was filled with an assortment of

Halloween gummy candy for guests to

grab and take.


These sugar glazed donut holes was a plan B.

The donut shop ran out of powdered sugar

donut holes, which would have made the

spider eggs more realistic. But they were still

delicious! Large plastic toy spiders and spider rings were scattered in the basket for guests to take as a little extra favor.


How cute are these little jack-o-lanterns! I found

these at the dollar store too. They were filled with

candy corn to make it look like actual jack-o-lantern teeth. Another extra favor for guests to take.

It was also filled with scattered plastic snakes

to give it a monster feel.


This may sound a bit unsanitized, but I promise, it's all for the sweeter side of yummy goodness. One cookie, cut in half. Store bought red frosting (only because red bright frosting is almost close to impossible to make) pipped on to one side of each sliced cookie to secure the vampire teeth, and they look like gums too. Then gently placed one on top of the other.


Chocolate covered pretzels. Always a hit with the sweet and salty combination. Pretzel rods are first dipped into white chocolate and then drizzled with more white chocolate. The eyeballs were light green sprinkles. Again, the distance between the eyeballs give them different looks.


Green Apple Jelly Beans. How perfect to make it look like Blobby's droppings. There were even plastic flies in there to surprise the guests.


Guarded by Mr. Frankenstein are the Cinnamon Gummy Bears. Bought these from a local wholesaler.


"Hello Humans, Thank You For Checking In"

Mini cereal boxes with a black spoon to

match. Punched out a couple holes from the Thank

You tag and strung ribbon to tie around. Surprisingly the

spoon fit perfectly.

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