Elmo Birthday Sweet Bar for Echo!

This is a little girl who will get a lifetime of lovely services from me, her Nina. Echo is currently obsessed with Elmo. Which made it an easy quick design in little time and a small budget. She was so excited to see the stuffed Elmo I had purchased on Amazon as extra decor on the table.

Thank goodness I was able to set up early before everyone started showing up. The birthday party was held in an indoor playground for kids where they shut down the whole playground for your personal party. Normally I can't even get at least an hour to set up. Even when I do have over an hour, there still isn't enough time. Only because I go crazy with the camera sometimes and only end up using less that ten photos for my website or my social media pages.

I had extra cardstock paper and cut out circles to add more color and texture. I even stick some on the balloons so that it would match the rest of the table.

The "Rainbow Wands" (chocolate dipped pretzels), are very time consuming. As easy as it it to melt, dip, sprinkle and dry... it takes awhile. You definitely need patience for this one. Honestly, this is one of my favorite sweets to do. Only because I get to make them into any colors I need. I couldn't help myself but to grab these pink wafers. They were only a couple dollars and not that sweet at all. It also gave that touch of pink for a girly Elmo party theme.

You can't have an Elmo sweet bar without his goldfishes. I mixed regular goldfishes with Princess pink colored goldfishes, for that touch of pink again. I was able to find a small pink fish net at the pet store as a scooper for the goldfishes. And of course, cookies for the Cookie Monsters.

I bought bulk sweets and got myself a variety of different sweets. Fruit Snacks for those who think these are healthy because it has the word" Fruit" in them. Skittles, only because it a personal favorite of mine, and it worked well with the colors on the table. And for the chocolate lovers, mini chocolate peanut butter cups.

This beautiful Elmo cake was done by Kristen Hutton, and may I add, it was deliciously moist. Yes, MOIST. And the little cute mini cupcakes were done by Carmen from Carmen's Cupcakes & More.

Party Favors kept simple. Done by my sister in law, we were able to fill them up with sweets to go. Plain red paper bag bags with printable cut outs of Elmo's face glued onto the bag.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful God-daughter!

Nina loves you!

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