A Little Minion's Birthday Sweet Bar

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What do you feed the little minions?

Cookie Robots

Mom made the "Cookie Robot" out of foil to place on a stack of cookies. Which I thought came out creatively cute!! It saved me on trying to find out how to make one. It only made sense to add this to the sweet bar.

Minion Munch

Mix any munchies that your heart desires. From pretzels to assorted cereals. Just add candy eyeballs for the minion look. Gold fishes were added to this bunch.

Gru's Noses & Unicorn Fur

Bugles & Cotton Candy

Cupcakes by Kristen Hutton

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with fondant minion face design and a light velvety frosting.

They may be too cute to eat, but once you bite into them you can't help yourself but eat the whole thing.

Mimi bought this cupcake stand to use for the sweet bar. Thank goodness it was small enough to squish in with everything else on the table. I almost thought I was running out of space. But it all snugged perfectly.

Eduardo's Chips & Salsa

Dad jokingly requested an edible chip hat, like the movie. I told him we could do something similar. This sombrero was the was large enough to use as a plater for chips and salsa. I just placed a bowl in the middle and the weight of the salsa will mold itself snugged.

Edith's Veggie Tray

Margo's Pizza Bites

Anti Gravity "Lemonade" Serum

Front door hanger for the party rules. And everyone knows, no one ever follows party rules.

Guests will always ask where to place gifts. Place a sign where it's easily visible. My mistake was not making the sign BIGGER.

A picture frame that is all googley eyes for this cutie pie! #LittleMan

Mom made this and thought it would be a good touch to the table, and it sure was.

Utensil holders gone minion! And YESSSS those are denim jeans!

Minion Centerpieces for Tablescape

Party Favors

Freeze Ray Water Guns

Child's Minion Construction Hats

This game kept the big kids entertained at times. Knock down the cups with whatever you can find and an easy stack up after. Just draw out your UFO, cut it out, and tape it to the cup.

Thanks for stopping by.

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