Tropical Baby Shower Luau

When you throw someones last baby shower, you go big! Even though we called it a sprinkle, we went all out and we celebrated with a luau. My friend, Mel, and Kristina at Las Vegas Decor Studio teamed up with me to get things done and into place. We had a number of stations planned. From signs at the front door, a seating chart, sweet bar, beverage table, table settings, balloon arches and a table full of luau food, we had our hands full. And on top of it all, it was a breezy day that made setting up a bit difficult.

As the day breezed by, we had a couple of unplanned B's to do due to the winds. But who could've tell, besides me. Sucks to see when plan A is too dangerous due to mother nature.

Now as I take you through the event...

This does say, "Please Enter Through Side Gate, Thank You". Didn't realize

there was a glare when I took the photo. This was placed in the front porch near the front door to direct guests around the corner that lead to another sign,

"Sprinkle This Way", directing them to the side gate since the event was in back yard.

Once you walk into the back yard, you'll find a seating chart. Since we had a full

party of guests, a seating chart was needed. It helps seat guests with other guests they know, or even guests that you might think won't sit well together you keep them apart.

Of course this was a task for Ali.

I used a burnt and stained pallet that I have sitting around my house to hang the

seating chart. And how about those coconuts!? Yes, they're real!

Found those at a thrift store for a couple dollars.

Pineapples were used to hold the table numbers, which held up pretty well with the wind. It gave the tables that fresh tropical look. Kristina arranged the centerpieces for the tables

with her "Real Touch" faux flowers. You have to

look and touch it twice to believe that they are fake.

Table 3 was the tricky table. Kristina originally planned to have a tall tropical floral arrangement (bottom photo), but the wind was not having it. It was too dangerous to risk leaving it up after it tipped over a couple times. As beautiful as it would have been, it was too risky for someone getting hurt. So it was off to an

"Unplanned B" (top photo).


Chicken Katsu and Mac Salad were requested from Ali. Both common Hawaiian dishes that tie in with the luau theme, along with chicken salad wraps, pineapple meatballs, butter shrimp and a beautiful veggie tray. Thanks to the lovely help from Hilari, Nicole and Jolene, the food wouldn't have

come together as it did.

beverage bar

Even though we had a baby sprinkle going on, who said their can't be alcohol?

Pineapple Mango Sangria was a mix of Rose wine and raspberry liquor with...

a handful of raspberries for extra color. And of course chopped pineapple and mango. Right beside it was Cucumber Lemon Water, which basically explains itself.

sweet bar

Strawberry Shortcake were skewered with cubed pound cake and fresh strawberries.

Coconut Crunch Donuts were surely on the toooo crunchy side.

Fruit Salad by Alicia

Beautiful Delicious Mini Cupcakes by Nicole

Party Favor

These little party favors were stuffed with chocolate covered toffee macadamia nuts from Hawaii. They are to die for! They were wrapped with a leaf like plastic and

tied up with a simple Thank You tag. Thanks to my little helping hands of Hilari and Nicole, they had theses favors all beautifully put together and back to me in two days tops.

Diaper Xake

I just love making diaper cakes! Ali had asked me if I was making her a diaper cake and I told her, "No, I'm making you two!". I had originally wanted to turn these cakes

into pineapples but that didn't seem to be working my way.

Plus I think these came out better than my original plan.

The Art of Balloons

These were our biggest projects. But we had fun during the whole process.

About 400 balloons and close to a total of 40 feet long and about six hours

of just blowing up these things. We dared to try blowing these up with our lungs then went through a hand pump that took a dump on us and broke in half. By then, we went ahead and purchased an electronic balloon pump the following day. And of course, we regret not getting the pump to begin with. Even though it was a bit loud, it worked a whole lot quicker.

The round balloon frame display took more time to set up than anything else.

A round metal frame was made before we could put up the balloons. We originally planned on setting up a white backdrop behind to have the colors pop more, again with the winds, it was impossible. We would have had an unplanned parachute in the middle of our luau.

Posing for the camera and the balloons, Ali and Xti.

Thank you to Kristina at Las Vegas Decor Studio for all your help

and beautiful floral arrangements.

And.... to Ali and her beautiful family, thank you for allowing me to plan this whole event.

Congratulations on your new addition!

Thank you for stopping by!

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