50 Shades of Grey for a 50th Birthday

50 Shades of Fabulous

Believe it or not, this themed party was for my own mother's 50th birthday. Per her request, she wanted a naughty buffet that matched the 50 Shades of Grey theme. Since this was not your usual party she created adult games that she made up herself and found a few online. There were so many games that we couldn't even play them all.

With all the dirty games that were planned, the naughty food tags made and the rated X cupcakes we ordered, kids were not allowed at this party. Meaning they are not allowed to read or view this blog.

The Naughty Buffet

To keep this as easy as possible on myself, I kept the food simple. The sliders and subs were freshly prepared from the neighborhood market down the street. I always forget to ask them, "No onions". It smells up the whole place, which smells like old stinky socks. So that was a little extra work to take them out ourselves. Meatballs were placed in a crockpot with a bottle of teriyaki marination for a few hours on low. The shrimp cocktail was purchased from the frozen aisle, defrosted and served.

Slide It In (Sliders) Submissive Subs (Turkey Subs)

Shrimp Cock Rings (Shrimp Cocktail)

Let's Wing It (Chicken Wings)

Big Meaty Balls (Beef Meatballs)

Sweet Side

On to the sweet side of all this. Cupcakes were made from my friend Kristen. See below for a link to view X Rated Cupcakes. Jello-O Shots, which were a personal favorite to me were made with grape vodka, I believe. I had six and I ended up with a slight buzz. Thanks Larry! Store bought donuts and fresh fruit to balance all the bad sugar with the good.

Anal Beads (Grape Skewered with zip ties)

Forbidden Fruit ( Fresh Fruit)

Gag Me (Chocolate Donut Holes w/ Sour String Candy)

Panty Droppers (Sugar Cookies w/ Edible Glitter made by Mother)

Pop My Cherry (Jello Shots made by Larry)

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Kristen Hutton.

Must be over 18 to click here to see adult cupcakes.


Floral Arrangements by Las Vegas Decor Studio

Backdrop & Tablescape by Created By Xti

Dirty Games

Happy Ending -

Mother rented out a massage table that came with a masseuse. 10 minute massages for everyone that was able to get a chance within the 2 hours.

Naughty Pictionary - Two Teams

Same rules apply as the regular pictionary game. The only thing different is that the cards that were chosen to draw were of sexual positions, items and actions.

Do Your Balls Hang Low - Individual Players

Stick two cuties fruits on one of the panty hose legs and tie the other side of the panty hose leg around the waist so that the cuties hangs like "balls". Line up about 5 water bottles for each player, we used short ones to make it harder. When the game starts, each individual will have to swing their "balls" to knock down all their water bottles. Whoever knocks them all down first, wins!

Adam's Apple - Two teams

Teams will pass an apple clenching it on their necks. Once it gets to the back, that person has to run to the front of the line to start over until the first person is back to the front of the line.

Best Sculpted Penis - Individual players, preferably men.

Men will sit on a chair and be given a knife and a cucumber. They will then sculpt it into a penis. Ladies will vote for the best one.

Put a Ring On It - Couples

Men sit on a chair with a cucumber between each of their crotch (use the sculpted cucumber penis from previous game), their partners will then try to toss five rings on the cucumber. First couple to get all the rings or most of the rings on the cucumber, wins!

I Touch Myself - Individual players, preferably females.

Ladies sit on a chair blindfolded. Have a number of cups filled with assorted food items, such as peanut butter, mayo, relish, cottage cheese, you get the idea. Cups will be placed against their crotch one by one and ladies will stick their fingers in the cups to "finger" out what each cup is filled with. Ok to smell and lick, lol. The one with the most correct answers, wins!

Strip Tease - Couples

One partner puts on a bra, tank top, t-shirt, button up shirt, pants, belt, socks and shoes. Then runs to partner who takes off the clothes in the reverse order without ripping off the clothes. Couple who finishes first, wins!

Thank You Cards

Deigned by Xti

These cards just came to me. LOL! Mother had asked me to make her Thank You cards for her special guests. And of course, I just had to. So I started thinking, and I did, I started thinking like my mother. Turns out, she loved them and thought they were perfect. I was pretty impressed myself. My first Hallmark card "X" Rated, literally. Quick job off the printer, cut and paste, and viola!

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