Tutu Sweet for this Baby Shower

I was given another opportunity to work with Hilari again. This time it was a baby shower for her sister, Sarah. At first Sarah was leaning more towards a purple and pearl ballerina theme, which I thought was already cute. My mind was already coming up with all sorts of ideas when I heard pearls. But it was when I showed her a photo from Pinterest that I used for inspiration for her event that she fell in love with. The colors... pink, white and gold! Of course with a tutu to go with her ballerina theme... we got to tullin' around!


I had the opportunity of creating the invites for this event from scratch. One of my favorites, only because it's a bit of a 3D invitation. The tricky part was to have the bow fluffed and the ribbon curled by the time is had gone through postage. But we took our chances.

Sarah stated that she didn't want the invites to come off too ballerina'ish. She didn't want everyone thinking that they had to buy ballerina gifts for the baby. It was only her theme for her baby shower, not her nursery. I kept it simple to where it had characteristics of a ballerina theme but not too obvious. So I concentrated more on the colors and texture.

And she loved it! Actually loved it more than our first go of invites of the purple and pearl. I did too!

Sweet Bar


Cake Pops by Kristen Hutton

Strawberry Wafers


Pretzel Sticks

Sugar Cookies by Kristen Hutton


I totally screwed myself over with this event when I realized I forgot my toolbox. That's a BIG NO NO! My toolbox is like my first aid kit for events. A must have! So you could just imagine what was in there, everything I need! Thank goodness Kristina had her little toolbox with her. Hilari was able to provide us with some scotch tape. We really had to improvise with what we had, and it worked!

Our balloon decor was inspired by the photo Sarah saw when she decided to go with the pink, white and gold theme. I have recently become obsessed with balloon decor, but to an extent of not having it look to cheesy. So we add flowers :)

Floral Arrangements by Las Vegas Decor Studio

Party Favors | Games | Cards | Prizes

Guess the Baby Food

Diaper Raffle

Card Cage

Prizes for Game Winners

Diaper Xake

Thank you to ...

Hilari for Allowing Me to Create a Tutu Sweet Baby Shower for Her Sister.

Kristina at Las Vegas Decor Studio for the Beautiful Floral Arrangements.

Kristen for the Cute Ballerina Cookies and Cake Pops.

Darlena and "Mom" for Helping to Prep the Food & Party Favors.

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