Dessert Before Dinner by the Bonfire

This was one of the best experiences and opportunity we received just yet. Doing something we passionately love, opportunities just naturally come. And we couldn't be more proud that Pasty Chef, Kristen Hutton, asked us to be in her designing team. When Kristen first brought it to our attention, we were ecstatic! This fundraiser event was for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Dessert Before Dinner Gala at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas.

Not only were we representing Chef Kristen, we were representing the infamous Wolfgang Puck! We realized the pressure was on. This year their theme cookie was the Girl Scouts S'mores. And when you hear s'more, what do you think of? Camp fire! Chef was sure everyone else would go with the "camp fire in the woods" theme, so she decided to give it a twist with a "campfire by the beach" feel. With the guidance of Chef Kristen's ideas, which took her back to childhood days by the beach, we were on. Light bulbs of ideas going on everywhere!

First stop, Mt. Charleston! We took a hike and gathered all the decent logs, twigs and rocks we could find. Did you know that when a pine tree dries up and you peel of the bark, it has a washed look to it. When I found this out, I was super excited. It was the look we were exactly going for. So we packed them up and hauled them back to Vegas for the creating process.

Since Chef wanted that beachy feel, we had to bring sand in. And how do we get sand onto the table? A sandbox! This was a 4 hour visit to Home Depot (none of us knew what we were getting ourselves into). Thank goodness for Frank at Home Depot. But we did it! We built three separate sandboxes. For something so simple, we were pretty damn proud of ourselves. We think we can build anything now! LOL!

A completed campfire by the beach. All we were really missing was the waves crashing in the back . These adorable pillows were made by DreaMade, which I like to call it, "The cherry on top".

We literally bought seven 50lb. sandbags and was afraid it wasn't enough. But we had to think of something, we couldn't buy anymore sand. We didn't want to be hauling more than 350lb. of sand through the hotel, but we had to. In order to make it look like we had a beach for of sand, we created wooden plank fillers to place underneath the sand to fill in the space. And it worked! And hows my sand castle? The miracle work of Modge Podge.

The Chef and her dessert!

Pastry Chef Kristen Hutton made the phenomenal dessert that was sweet and a little salty at the same time. Who doesn't like than combination? It was a White Chocolate Dipped Cremeux with Toasted Marshmallow Cheesecake Mouse and Graham Cracker Cake, shaped as a sand bucket. This was definitely a one bite shove in mouth kind of dessert. It was topped off with a pansy flower and a molded white chocolate spoon.

This was the first time any of us have been in this type of competition. This was Chef's first year competing at this event. She went against top hotels from the strip and chef's who have been in this competition numerous times. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into or what to expect. But we went in, full force.

We also decided to give a helping hand so that Chef could concentrate more on presenting her dessert to the guests, who were also the judges.

And it all paid off. Chef Kristen won 3rd place! We were all excited that her dessert made it to the top three. Not bad for a first timer. And we are so honored to be a part of her team that day and we would do it all over again. Congratulations Chef Kristen!

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