This Little Peanut is on His Way

This shower was one of the cutest ones I have done. And when I say cute, I mean it's because I'm obsessed with elephants. When my girlfriend told me she wanted an elephant themed baby shower, I got a bit too excited. Or should I say, WE! It was really an excuse for us to go shopping. And shopping is what we did. At times we felt like we hit the jackpot. When we ended up at Home Goods... ohhhh boy! We were in for some trouble. Like, hide your shopping bags when you get home, kind of trouble. One thing about buying elephant decor, we had to make sure the trunk was always pointing up. For the sense of good luck. If it wasn't, we weren't buying it. And most of the items we found, we looked like we struck gold. More like Home Good struck gold with us. But we knew it was going to good use. Whatever we bought, we made sure it would go well within the nursery.


Cookies by Kristen Hutton

Pretzel Sticks

Cake Pops by Kristen Hutton

Nutter Butter Babies Made with Mommy-to-be's help. Her request.

Cake by local grocery store. Designed with a frame and some scrapbook stickers.

Fruit Tray & Veggie Tray

Sangrias made by Mommy-to-be. My faves! Not sure how she made them so delicious without trying them. That's how you know she knows what she's doing.

Party Favors & Guestbook

This table was set up by the door, so that when guest walked out, they be sure to grab a favor. We had little bottles of wine, bags of peanuts to go with the elephant theme (even though no one cared for them), little bags of animal crackers and bags of assorted popcorn.

The guestbook was so adorable. Mommy-to-be picked out this design. What a nightmare to find the perfect frame. I'll not get into details with that, only because we felt really stupid after we realized what kind of frame we had purchased. Basically gave ourselves more work. But it turned out super cute. Guests just signed their name on a cut-out circle and taped it to the frame to have it look like balloons.

Diaper Xake & Games

This diaper cake was a trip for me. I have never made a diaper cake into a shape of an animal, which got me wondering if it even looked good. I gave Mommy-to-be two options, and she actually like the idea of doing one shaped like an elephant. I honestly didn't even know how I came up with this one. Every time I make I diaper cake, I can always here my brother telling me so do different designs. So I tried. And it worked out.


I just want to say thank you to everyone who lent a hand on helping Mommy-to-be to have the baby shower she never thought she would never have. Her family really came through to help out. I couldn't have done it without them. Along with our friend and florist at Las Vegas Decor Studio, Kristina, who gave a big helping hand as well and a touch of her beautiful flower arrangements for the tables. Great job everyone!

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