Super Sweets for Superhero Owlette

Another year has passed and my god-daughter is another year older. How time flies. To a sense where you feel like you're getting old because you don't even know what is "in" nowadays. When I heard that she loves PJ Masks, I had a big question mark on top of my head. I had to ask Google. It was a superhero cartoon show on the Disney channel. I tell you, cartoons are not the same at all from when I was growing up, and I feel like that wasn't even a long time ago. So, PJ Masks... much research did I have to do. And at the end of it all, it was worth it. Just the reaction on her face when she came down to her party and saw all the decorations, the jumpy house and the table full of sweets.


Everything on this table was Echo's favorite sweet items. This is the kind of client I love. She knows what she likes. And I know we're related because she loves donuts as much as I do. I loved the color scheme because it was just primary colors. Easy to do and the colors stood out with the black. This theme was so much fun planning with my sister-in-law. She helped out so much with already having a vision in mind and putting in her own time to make it AWESOME! She also got a little taste on how my nights are before an even. Late night preparing, you end up getting a natural high. I guess you can call it adrenaline. Along with the little monkey, Echo, helping out too (helping making a mess).

These simple cupcakes gone out with a bang of ECHO! I was pretty stoked when these cupcake toppers I made came out cuter than I imagined, it inspired me to make an extra big one for the backdrop.

Pretzel sticks, not Echo's favorite but sisters request. An easy grab and go sweet. A usual request I get all the time.

Echo loves strawberries. It was probably one of the only things she ate during the party. Come to think of it, she actually helped me prepare these. Simple task of poking fruit with a stick was an easy task for her to do. But of course, it was too easy, her help didn't last long.

These are rolled up strawberry sour belts, one of my favorite candies. Bought them at a wholesale market for cheap. So why not. They turned out so cute with the Owlette symbol. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

This awesome homemade cake was made by my sister-in-law. She had purchased the giant cupcake pan and I was so excited to see how it would turn out. And it really did look like an oversized cupcake. Not bad for a first try. This was Echo's personal smash cake.

Echo loves Oreo cookies, and so does her dad. So I made these chocolate covered Oreo's in Blue, Red and Green. This little guy is Cat Boy.

Here is Gekko, posing with the popcorn boxes I found on Amazon and attached the cupcake toppers for personalization. It worked out so cute.

Of course she loves marshmallows. Nothing but fluffy sugar. So why not drizzle more sugar on top.




Happy Birthday to our God-daughter Echo! We love you so much, even though your mouth looks like you ate a bunch of sweets! Oh wait, that's my fault.

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